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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and it is actually expanding and it does not look good for rainy time soon. 37 half-moon bay, 31 santa rosa and it's going to get colder but the days are milder and they will probably check in at 28 and everything is held in check by high pressure and some patchy fog, not much change, 60s to very low 70s and it seems like we are stuck, same as first, here is sal. steve, good morning, we are off to a decent start not a lot is going on and that's just the way we like it. traffic continues to look good as you drive through there are no meaning problems and by the way traffic continues to look good into san francisco and all of the lanes are open coming into the city with no major problems. also you can see traffic is moving along very nicely heading out to the mcarthur
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maze and southbound 80 in san leandro, we have a full freeway closer for construction. now let's go back to the desk. all right, thank you sal, topping our news for a 6th super bowl victory, we will have to wait until next year, they beat them in the nfc championship and it came down to the final minute.. >> collin kaepernick, this game is over... >> heart broken 9ers fans will be talking about that play, he intercepted collin kaepernick's pass clinching the victory for seattle, richard sherman managed to tip the ball to a seahawks' teammate. >> that ball could have gone either way and if it goes either way, crabtree catches it and he made a terrific play.
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>> i didn't play the game well enough to win and i cost us this game. >> martian lynch played a big role, he ran for 109 yards against the 49er defense. 49ers are back home but a large crowd of 9ers fans stayed up late to welcome them home. they are here from santa clara, good morning, alex. good morning after that loss, a whole lot of 49ers fans to the training facility here in collar and they just -- santa clara, they just wanted to wish they will well for a great season. [applauds] [crowd noise] [applauds] >> reporter: close to 200, 49ers fans lined the streets and it was late last night and
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many were decked out in red and gold and they cheered the team on as they arrived after that brutal 23-17 loss to the rival seahawks in the nfc title game. as they drove out of the facility, some of them saluted this crowd. they were proud of what this team accomplished even after a particularly painful loss. >> this one here, we want to show them our faithfulness, it was a great season and we love the team but this one is personal and we really do love this team. >> later on this morning, after that some of the players and coach jim harbaugh will be talking about the players this season and this is the third time that they have come up short and a lot of the fans out here are certainly talking
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about it, at the new levi station. live in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police say there were few problems in the city after the 49ers disappointing loss. trash was being picked up during and after the game. police increased their patrol after they were keeping watch on the mission district street corners and it has been a past problem in that neighborhood especially when people had been drinking. >> they were having a good time all weekend long and it will be something they have to deal with. >> they did end up arresting people for public intoxication and fighting. in the meantime, seahawks fans are celebrating and as you can see they are beyond excited as they head to a second super
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bowl. richard sherman had a brief but memorable day immediately after the seahawks win >> that is the result you are going to get, don't you ever talk about me... >> nobody is talking about you -- >> don't you open your mouth -- >> sherman has been in a public feud with michael crabtree in recent weeks and it was sherman who deflected the pass intended for crabtree which gave them that victory. it may have been the last postseason matchup. they own under the ball for 11.5 minutes and broncos win in for -- went in for a 12-13 lead and broncos became the highest scoring team in the nfl
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history. you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, one person is in custody after what police call a tense situation in san jose. just after 11:30 testimony a man was holding several bottles of gasoline and when they arrived they found a man barricaded with another person. that person was able to escape but the person lit the shed on fire. off it did get intense especially once the shed started burning and he refused to get out. >> police had to use some force but were able to arrest the suspect. a couple of police officers did suffer minor injuries and it's not clear what the relationship is between the suspect and the people who live in that home. it went into effect in three bay area counties.
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people can no longer burn piles of leaves and other vegetation. they will have an extra 125 firefighters on hand in the north bay to be ready for any possible fire emergency. happening today, all over the country today people will take part in parades, marches and service projects to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. this is a live picture and he was important on january 19th and it is the third monday in january and first lady michelle is taking part in the washington d.c. area. they are offering three free flash passes and anything with the pass will be able to get a free ride with the celebrations. only a limited number of passes will be handed out at the center for the arts and the
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gardens. thousands are expected to take part in the parade and festivities and they will continue with guest speakers and live music. and it continues with the 29 29th annual freedom train. it leads from the san jose caltrans which does to san francisco. it commemorates from selma to month come are you and other -- montgomery and other civil rights. this may be the train's last year. >> they are holding their west bacon reference on fillimore street. ed lee will be will be among those attending. we are learning how much between bart management and its
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two biggest unions. they have spent about 8.4 and some of that was spent on consultant and bart workers when bart members went on strike. theythey had to cave to union demands and the money spent was not worth this. they have arrested somebody in connection with last night's shooting an injured two people. it happened just after 9:00 on turk street. one person was shot in the arm and one person was shot in the leg. police said they arrested the suspect about a block off of the market while and buses had to be diverted off as they investigated. a stabbing injured three people which happened last night in oakland. three people had to be taken to the hospital and so far no word
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on their conditions. right now it is unclear what led up to that incident. they are asking the u.s. government to secure his release and he made a press conference at his own request. it was done while leading a tour group, he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor and he is the longest serving in korea and he is hoping the u.s. will do their best to secure his release. gagged and tied to chairs, the alleged hazing incident at a peninsular high school. and an isn't crease in minimum -- an increase in minimum wage people eating out in san jose are noticing higher prices. some of the roadwork on 880 has been picked up and this is
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monday morning. well, there is no rain in sight so let's gets started with the rain song, we'll see how it plays out coming up.
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. welcome back, firefighters are still battling the fire and firefighters still expect it to be fully contained by wednesday. so far they have burned 40 acres and an illegal camp fire started it at about 6:00 a.m. three men in their 20s have been arrested in connection with that fire. this giant eagle sculpture
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by the hobbit, so far no serious injuries have been reported. and they are expressing concerns after a newly surfaced video after an attack. they were targets of a suicide bombing and these two men posted a video on a well-known jihad website. >> they have now moved some armed troops down to the region and that tells you their level of concern is great but we don't seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes in the games. >> precious president vladimir puntin is insuring the safety of any visitors he talked about in the summit. police are trying to figure out what happened after a woman
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is seen with a sways stick -- swastikas on her forehead. they say it is particularly hurtful. and according to the travel site orbit, more seahawks fans are expected to travel, hotels and flights are expected to skyrocket today, and right now the average hotel rate is $473 a day with a minimum stay, flights could run fans up to more than $440. a new survey shows, it cost $363, that is more than the average in 2012 and it is more than the rate of inflation. none of them include for checking bags or getting extra
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leg room. some legal experts say several are pushed by president barack obama could face complications. on friday, president barack obama plans on shifting the mass storage of america's phone records to somewhere else experts say there could be legal challenges for storing it someplace else. they marched with dr. martin luther king, jr. from selma to montgomery alabama and he said he was inspired by dr. martin luther king, jr. and other great leaders. and he believes another great leader is on the way. >> i am convinced there will be
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others. a new survey says they saw the higher prices after the city's minimum wage increases. they raised their prices according to the conservative institute survey and they all reported cutting the hours they worked or eliminating their jobs completely. it jumped from 8 to $10 per hour and they warn it could happen again if they raise from $11 to $15 per hour. and sam is done said they expect customers. they say the shipments could be based on that and the biggest will be time saved to get orders to customers.
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they know what you want. >> it is a macing. -- amazing, they will have drones delivering them. >> let's check in with sal, it is a holiday, sal. we'll see lighter than usual conditions ladies because some have the day off, others don't and i really think it will be a good day to drive and traffic is moving along well headed out to the mcarthur maze so we are not expecting a huge delay bit the holiday has gained momentum and more people have it off more and more each year. as you come up toward the toll plaza, we just picked it up at 880, that roadwork is gone and traffic is moving well in both directions. >> all right, there is a little
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ban of high clouds, drought conditions were bad and guess what they are even worse this week and it doesn't look like they are going to change any time soon, most in california is really really hurrying as you might have imagined. i don't know if they will get rain. we still have another component coming out of the oakland hills ,it will be about 70 and some upper 20s in men seen know -- mendocino county and it is probably up and over and we get lots of sunshine and mild temperatures and unless you are right on the media coast, i doubt there are much changes. upper 70s, maybe a couple of degrees cooler, it has been mild for the longest time time.
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it is a little cooler but still dry as we go into the weekend. >> what are you talking about? >> i am not the little man, you are... >> ride along is a security guard and he tries to impress his brother-in-law. it made some money during the dr. martin luther king, jr. weekend lone survivor dropped to second, and frozen round out the top five. time now 4:51 coming up, a new warning for parents, a serious illness and what you can do to keep kids safe. and dealing with the drought, the precautions california restaurants are taking for drinking water.
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. sacramento city council last week voted to require residence to reduce water consumption by 20 - 30%. >> investigators are trying to figure out what injured one
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person. it started shortly after 11:00 yesterday morning and firefighters kept the flames from business records and one employee was treated for smoke inhalation. an oakland mother is devastated after losing two sons in less than a month. they were driving on long fellow avenue when at least two shooters pulled up and opened fire. brash hard -- rashard and and his friend were driving through the area and last week rashard buried his brother and families members are in disbelief. >> it is a senseless death and our family has never dealt with death like this. >> oakland police believe the men killed in yesterday's
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shooting were targeted and the identity has not been released and they are remaining very quiet about the suspects and their car. police in oakly are looking into a shooting that killed one person that shooted happened on oakly and officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound, he did die there at the scene. flu related deaths in california may be close to watching -- matching the death toll for all of last year according to the san francisco chronicle. they found 45 flu related deaths and they are investigating another 50 deaths which may have been caused by the flu. yesterday there were 106 flu related deaths last year and they are urged to get the flu vaccine which can take nearly
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two months to reach full strength. the law tylker nauman dates -- the law tylker nauman dates -- mandates that the free preventive services are on the health exchange or marketplace. california has seen a surge among whooping cough cases. it rose from 1023 to 1069. cases were found in kids 7 to 16 years of age and one of the reasons is declining immunity and kids who never got their booster shot. back home after a
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heartbreaking loss. the big welcome for the 49ers as they arrived here in the bay area. and controversial remarks, the comparison he made about marijuana has some eyebrows raised this morning. and as you can see bay bridge toll plaza, find out why today might be a little different than other days. well, it is not going to rain but we will sing the rain song, we will take a look at the drought index and see if there are more record temperatures.
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. 49ers suffered a loss but they are proud, we will show you how they welcomed the team back last night. we are live in san jose where a man threatening a neighborhood holding gasoline cans is finally taken into custody and we will tell you how police captured him. and honoring the life of dr. king, why this year's freedom team may be the last.
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and the rare band issued for parts of the bay area it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are pretty shocked here in the bay area and we want to take you to washington d.c., this is of course washington d.c. and there is a wreathe laying ceremony set to get underway any moment in honor of the dr. martin luther king, jr.'s birthday and i will always observe it on a monday and a lot of things going on here in the bay area but it should be pretty light and we will check in, in a moment, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. did you know steve was talking


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